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Day 6 – Thank You Mama Africa for the dance and joy!

Day 6


[15:00] Welcome to The Miriam Makeba Tribute Concert to share love of music, love of humanity, love of understanding, love of tolerance, love of cultures, love of excitement, love of energy, love of fun, love of dance, love of Mama Africa…

Till the doors open at 19:30, I will be following up the backstage preparations of the tribute. I will try my best to catch the best!

Starting with Ray Lema Trio’s rehearsal, Band Diaspora Africana will be doing their rehearsals today. Than the other precious African and Italian singers will rehearse one more time before the concert.

To feel that stage excitement and full of energy around everything you see, touch, feel and hear will definitely be a lifetime experience. Especially when the concert will end with Mama Africa’s world famous song ‘Pata Pata’, I will dance like her and want to see everybody dance with her.

[16:00] All the electronics are settling, soundcheck is in control, lighting arrangements are being tested… Percussionist Jaek Tama is ready with his Afro Star Band who are Karim Blal (keyboards), Laurent Digbue (lead guitar), Gabriele Greco (Bass) and Ka.6 deguess (Drums) to play along with the artists. And there I see ‘La Madrina’ of the concert, Rosanna Casale, with Tasha Rodrigues singing together the ‘Soweto Blues’. Afterwards Rosanna sang ‘Terra’ that I am thinking to fall in love this song. With her very unique voice, it makes it all better. Gabin Dabire sees me wondering at the backstage, and there our eyes click for a start to dance! It happens pretty much unconsciously.

After Rosanna and Tasha, Awa Ly comes to the stage for the rehearsal. It should be really exciting for her to go live in a news channel between a murder investigation and oil news. But she adds, ‘’I was an interesting and yet unforgettable experience to share live the Miriam Makeba’s memory.’’

Awa will be featured a song with her good friend Niccolo Fabi. His natural charisma and beautiful voice brings a smile on Awa’s face when they sing together. Niccolo Fabi tells me that he has been involved many projects like this and again it is an honor to be a part of a Tribute in the name of Miriam Makeba. Like the documentary which was made 3 years ago in ‘Live in Sudan’ concert or touring around Italy’s medicine faculties with the project called, Medici con L’Africa CUAMM – Collegio Universitario Aspiranti Medici Missionari, the first NGO in the field of healtcare to be officially recognised in Italy. With his last contribution whom gathered many Italian singers together for ‘Domani Song’ as United Artists for Abruzzo, Niccolo showed once again the best way to share music and heal the world.

Almost 30 years of  friendship and music, I Mediterranea with Fausto Mesolella say,’ After all those years we came back to studio for the very first time and there we received a call from Rosanna, inviting us to this important tribute.’’ Fausto adds, ‘’It is a privilege to honor Miriam Makeba, who died very close to my home in Castel Volturno.’’ They seem unstoppable with their performance on stage that can blew your mind, thanks to Fausto’s guitar solos.

[19:30] The doors of the Auditorium are open and Movimento degli Africani is ready and most certainly proud to welcome you for the commemoration of the beloved Mama Africa, Miriam Makeba.

[20:35] Our eyes are on the empty seats ready to be full of people who come to enjoy the Miriam Makeba experience with us, with eachother.

All artists are in their back rooms now. The band is checking the notes for the last time while Gabin and Tasha are chating at the corner, and Niccolo is wondering around the corridors with Awa’s singing in her room.

At last, I got to meet Rosanna who is a very beautiful woman in the outside and a person in the inside. ‘La Madrina’ name is lended to her by the Organization for I am sure of her extraordinary involvement and support to the idea. And of course, her unique voice and beautiful stage performance. ‘’Those who should be here is already here’’ she says, with the words to express her excitement and joy, more importantly her responsibility. To conclude, Rosanna tells me that she has never met in person with Makeba or saw her alive in a concert, but ‘La Madrina’ of the Miriam Makeba Tribute believes that Mama Africa is here with us tonight. And adds, ‘’ Let’s feel the joy!’’



[01:30] Yes, my friend! ENJOY. What a great way to commemorate!

…more than 1200 spectators dancing and smiling together to remember Miriam Makeba.

It was a three hours of pure joy, fun and energy, with the artists involved in exciting individual performances, duets and jam sessions jumping from the final notes of  Ray Lema to those of the inevitable Pata Pata.

Our big thanks to Ouattara, Yacoub, Mirian, and Sekou, and the African Movement in Italy. Thank you, to more than twelve hundred spectators – so to speak, given the continuous participation in the rhythms of the percussion of Jack Tama which had years with Mama Africa and those of his band.

The greeting from the stage of the African boys from Rosarno to demand peace and integration was another highlight of the night. Thank you!

And behind the scenes during the concert, thank you to all artists who were down to earth, complimenting each other and dancing in the strait before slipping into the scene.

The time has flown, as these days of working to get here.

THANK YOU, to those who follow to continue, to learn, to understand and share.

As Miriam Makeba said in her song;

Pata pata was the sound that made the people stand,

that’s why I come to bring it to my generation:

make some stand,

make some dance,

We applaud you, Mama Africa for standing.

THANK YOU for the dance and joy! 😉

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